You are visiting the website of Shieldex-U.S., the marketing and sales arm of Statex Produktions + Vertriebs GmbH in Bremen, Germany. Shieldex® plated conductive textiles and yarn open unlimited opportunities for product development and with twenty years of experience, Shieldex-U.S. can help with an ability to source a multitude of conductive plated textile materials and processes.

Conductive FabricFabrics

Shieldex® metalized fabrics are plated throughout with 99% pure silver.  Additional coatings such as copper, nickel, and tin can be applied depending on the field of use.

yarn block 1Yarns

Thanks to their anti-static and anti-bacterial qualities and their high electrical and thermal conductivity, Shieldex® Yarns, Threads, and Fibers are very versatile.

Conductive ZipperFasteners

Conductive zippers, conductive hook & loop, conductive tapes, and conductive braided tubing are all silver plated fasteners produced by Shieldex®

4’ x 4’ x 7’ RF Shielded EnclosureValue Added

Conductive textiles are used in many Shieldex® products such as RF shielded enclosures and curtains, cyber forensic pouches and faraday bags, wearable technology, RF shielding garments, antimicrobial clothing, smart textiles and many others.

What's New at Shieldex

Shieldex® Silver Jersey Modal conductive fabric for RF shielding, medical, and antimicrobial applications is now available in color black.

To purchase Shieldex® Silver Jersey Modal conductive fabric or Silverell® garments such as hoodies, t-shirts, pants, and hooded scarves constructed with Shieldex® Silver Jersey Modal online please visit:

For Technical Data: Read more…

Camo Color Print

Shieldex® conductive fabrics can now be printed with any color without disrupting the conductivity or performance. This printing process can be applied to many of our conductive woven fabrics, knits and tricot knits in any color and multifarious custom designs.


TPU WireShieldex® has developed a solution to produce flexible, reliable, and durable interconnection components and methods. Utilizing our TPU wire constructed of silver plated yarns and a TPU overcoat; we have pioneered a solution to replace rigid wires and connections. Our TPU wire can be ultrasonically welded to our conductive fabrics, and traditional interface components; eliminating the use of rigid wires and mechanical interconnections.

Online retail shoppers can now purchase Shieldex® products at

V Technical Textiles retail store is a one stop shop to purchase Shieldex® textiles including conductive threads and fabrics. Shieldex® & Silverell® products can be purchased in small quantities which is perfect for the hobbyist and R&D type of shopper.

Press Releases

Shieldex® conductive fabrics were used to create the first US based clean room acceptable EMI/RFI portable enclosure for NASA!

The first U.S. based clean room acceptable EMI/RFI portable shielded enclosure has been completed and deployed in a class 1000 clean room at NASA’s Jet Proposition Laboratory in Pasadena, CA, where it is now in service to test and run diagnostics on the Mars Science Laboratory rover and other spacecraft . This new EMI test chamber is 9,375 cubic feet in size with an inside dimension of 25’ x 25’x 16’ high, designed to give performance of 85db from 30 MHz to1 GHz average. Read more…

NEW Etchtex Product Line uses Shieldex® Conductive Fabrics

V Technical Textiles, Inc. is pioneering new technology utilizing Shieldex® Tin/Copper/Silver conductive fabric (Zell) PN#1500101130 or PN#15002001130 to offer a game changing, value added, innovative new product named Etchtex. This ground breaking application of a proprietary process to our conductive tex-tiles is expected to have an exponential effect within its associated industries, and has led to V Technical Textiles ability to offer both standard and custom designed solutions to the capacitance sensor, resistive heating, flexible circuit, smart textile, patch antenna, heated clothing, smart gloves, and wireless communications industries to name a few. Read more…