About Us

About Us

Founded in 1997, Shieldex-U.S., an EDWOSB certified business, is an independently owned agent of the German company Statex. Shieldex-U.S. is the marketing and sales arm of Statex Productions + Vertriebs GmbH in Bremen, Germany. Shieldex U.S. dba V Technical Textiles Inc. is a solely woman owned USA manufacturing company and is WBE (Woman Business Enterprise) certified by the NWBOC (National Woman Business Owners Corporation). This certificate is beneficial to VTT’s business as most local, state, and federal government purchasing agencies track and have programs for doing business with women-owned vendor companies.

Shieldex U.S. distributes conductive textiles made by Statex and is partnered with V Technical Textiles who manufactures products made from those textiles, ranging from portable RF shielding enclosures, curtains, pouches, and bags to antimicrobial clothing. Shieldex-U.S. is one of the few U.S. companies exporting throughout the world its products of electrically conductive fibers and fabrics.

Shieldex U.S. is the industry leader in providing the most diverse selection of conductive fabrics and conductive yarns for use in smart textiles, RF shielding, thermal management, and numerous other industry leading applications. Additional conductive textiles include conductive tapes, Velcro, hook and loop fasteners, and zippers.

Statex yarns, fibers and fabrics use silver as their base plating, although copper, tin and nickel can be added, based on the customer’s end use application. Silver is the metal of choice because of its many positive properties. It shields radio frequencies, is electrical and thermal conductive and has strong antibacterial, antimicrobial and fungicidal characteristics.

Shieldex-U.S. corporate and sales office as well as warehouse is located in the historic town of Palmyra, NY.