Shielded Pouches / Bags

Shielded Pouches / Bags


Shieldex® metalized fabrics can be used to construct many different styles and sizes of RF shielded pouches and bags. These shielded bags are quick to use, deployable cyber forensic pouches and Faraday bags that capture electronic devices to eliminate signals used for RFID and protection from EMP situations.

Shieldex U.S.’s partner V Technical Textiles, Inc. (VTT) brand of RFI shielded and forensic pouches are manufactured in the US. These pouches provide the user the ability to capture, transport and secure the chain of evidence of an electronic device when placed in the pouch.

Computer Evidence Capture BagConstructed with Shieldex® materials to block the RF signals from entering or exiting the pouch. VTT pouches have a shielding effectiveness of 95dB @ 2.5Ghz.

V Technical Textiles line of shielded pouches and bags constructed with Shieldex® conductive fabric include RF shielded bags, 3D pouches, and forensic pouches.

Shielded pouches and bags constructed using Shieldex® materials by V Technical Textiles are available to be purchased online at


Please visit Shieldex U.S.’s partner V Technical Textiles website: to learn more about products produced using Shieldex® brand conductive textiles.

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