Silver Garments / Personal Protective Wear

Silver Garments / Personal Protective Wear

Silverell Brown Hooded ScarfShieldex® silver plated textiles provide the industry’s best materials to use in creation of antimicrobial and/or RF shielding personal garments. The silver plated materials used for these types of products consist of 99% pure silver fabrics and yarns. All of Shieldex® silver fabrics are Oko-tex certified, which makes the fabric safe for use with garments made for adult, children and babies.

Antimicrobial / Wellness

Silverell Black HoodieSilver garments created with Shieldex® silver plated fabrics and yarns provide many benefits including:

  • Antimicrobial – pure silver kills bacteria and fungi on contact.
  • Odor reduction – silver drastically reduces odor caused by bacteria
  • Blood circulation – using electrically conductive fabric increases blood circulation giving you energy when you feel tired, while still keeping you relaxed
  • Soothing and healing of skin irritations – silver garments help heal minor scrapes, cuts, and burns as well as reduce swelling and itching caused by these skin irritations
  • Thermally conductive – silver garments take the heat from hot spots on the body and balance the body to one unified temperature making the body feel warm from head to toe.

Shieldex® modal fabric colors are shades of silver, brown, and black but other custom colors are available for your own individual line. The deluxe Shieldex® Medtex fabrics are in shades of very fashionable and silky browns that you will enjoy wearing.

Personal Shielding

Shieldex® textiles are often used in creation of personal shielding (e-smog) garments. These types of garments are designed specifically for radio frequency radiation reduction (RF shielding effectiveness) from cell phones, Wi-Fi, computers, cell phone towers, micro-processors and all other wireless devices used in our electronic world of today.

High frequency radiation from electronics have been known to effect brain activity, reaction times and sleep patterns, while in RF hypersensitive people the effects are much greater. Personal shielding (e-smog) garments designed with Shieldex® can reduce these effects as they have been tested to achieve a RF shielding effectiveness of 35-40dB from 900Mhz to 5Ghz. showing a 99.99% reduction of RF radiation to the wearer.

Shieldex® materials can be purchased to design and create your own garments are available to be purchased online at

Silverell Hoodie & PantsV Technical Textiles Inc. (VTT) is partnered with Shieldex U.S. to design silver garments and personal protective care items. VTT produces a line of Silverell® wellness garments.   These garments are enriched with pure silver making them perfect for wellness and relaxation purposes. For personal shielding outer wear VTT has hoodies, pants, tank tops, long and short sleeve shirts and scarfs and hoods. Base wear (undergarments) consist of panties, boxers, briefs, long johns and sleepwear. If you would like VTT can fabricate your design or clothing line using Shieldex® textiles.

Silverell® garments and personal protective care products designed and produced by V Technical Textiles can also be purchased online at



Please visit Shieldex U.S.’s partner V Technical Textiles website: to learn more about products produced using Shieldex® brand conductive textiles.

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