Tents / Enclosures / Curtains

Tents / Enclosures / Curtains

NasaShieldex® conductive fabrics are industry leading source in the construction of RF shielding tents, enclosures, and curtains. RF shielded enclosures and curtains are designed to assist with EMI testing / EMC testing. Based on Faraday Cage principles these portable enclosures & curtains are constructed with light weight conductive fabrics.






Shieldex U.S.’s partner V Technical Textiles, Inc.’s brand of RF shielded enclosures and curtains are manufactured in the US. Our many valued cus

tomers use these enclosures for taking over the air measurements for product verification, performance, pre-certification, and quality assurance tests, along with production line measurements, and any application requiring an ambient free environment.




RF Shielded CurtainV Technical Textiles designs a full line enclosures and curtains made from Shieldex® conductive textiles that include:

  • Portable RF shielded enclosures
  • Benchtop enclosures
  • Bottomless enclosures
  • RF shielded curtains
  • RFID curtains



Please visit Shieldex U.S.’s partner V Technical Textiles website: www.vtechtextiles.com to learn more about products produced using Shieldex® brand conductive textiles.

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